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Fortitude is a two-dimensional open world space exploration game set within a Solar System in the far reaches of unknown space. You and your Rocket are dropped off by an interstellar transport vessel, and your objective is simple; to find evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life.

You are in uncharted waters, with limited sensors and no real idea of what you might discover. Whether good or bad, there could be literally anything waiting for you in the darkness of space, not to mention the numerous known natural hazards that will kill you faster than you can react.

You have limited fuel, no shields and most importantly, no backup. Your slim but only chance of survival is to venture out into the mystery of the unknown and discover something truly spectacular in the deepest depths of space. Only then may salvation come.


The idea of Fortitude came about during vast amounts of research that had been gathered surrounding two very distinct and overlapping areas: Space & The Cosmos as well as The Fear of the Unknown. With space being the biggest unknown, with practically everything we understand about it originating from theories and hypothesis some of which currently don't have the technological advancements to neither prove nor disprove. 

We wanted to create a game that not only would avid and 'skilled' gamers (a term being used loosely), in which although they might be fearful of what could possibly lie ahead they must push through this fear and discover what secrets or mysteries are waiting to be uncovered. The underlying narrative of Fortitude along with several of it's mechanics play heavily on this aspect, to create an atmospheric and in many ways fearful game.


Fortitude - A Beginner's Guide (Revised)

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